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The quality of space is only as good as the landlord in charge of them. Our Letting Office are housed in the Neelsie Student Centre and is responsbile for the leasing, tenant-sourcing, tenant-mix-designing, installation and facilities management specialists, and ensuring that credible and accredited students can find suitable off-campus housing.

Through them visitors to our campus like conference attendees or academics, are also able to rent visitor flats as guest accommodation.

They also head up the commercial spaces on both the Stellenbosch and Tygerberg campuses, like shopping centres and restaurants, so that SU people can safely find whatever they need without ever having to leave campus.

Lastly they make sure we capitalise on external activities that take place in our home, like film shoots, the rental of the VV Hall, advertising on the Merriman bridge and the management of the events for which Rooiplein has become famous for.

Where to find us

7 De Beer Street 3rd Floor; The Neelsie;
Langenhoven Student Centre
Stellenbosch University

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T: 021 808 3583

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