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Founded in 1902, the Stellenbosch University Botanical Gardens is the oldest in the country. This wonder spans over two hectares of land and is home to more than some of the most unique plants, indigenous and exotic, including 30 that are so new that they have yet to be classified. For a paltry entrance fee you can experience a variety of different collections – like the Heritage Collection, which features African bonsai styles, the Sorrel Collection which includes over 70% of South African species and 5 non-local species, and the Malvas Collection, which was built over 20 years. It is also getting increasingly more active in conservation, as it builds and manages collections of threatened species. As such it is used as an open-air laboratory for our University on top of the as well as for more aesthetic purposes.

There are theme gardens, glasshouses and a restaurant interlinked by winding paths, and a store so you can take a bit of our Garden’s home with you to your own. We have spent the last century making the most tranquil, beautiful surroundings, perfect for dendrophiles, nature-lovers, photographers and school groups, and the Rainforest Patio is perfect for those unique small conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

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